VIDEO| Speakin' Japanese: I'm waiting for my train

VIDEO| Speakin' Japanese: I'm waiting for my train

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

The Isumi Rail Line is a 92-year-old train line running through central Chiba. Once faced with financial difficulties due to low ridership, the line was at risk of being shuttered.

Today, the rail, fortunately, is experiencing a new life as a scenic train perfect for visitors and enthusiastic train fans.  It's great to take a trip around central Chiba on the yellow scenic train. 

Make sure you don’t miss it because it arrive once an hour.



Today's Japanese phrase:

“Densha wo matte imasu!” 電車を待っています! = I'm waiting for my train to come!

 ("densha" 電車 = train, ".. wo matte imasu" ・・を待っています = I'm waiting for..)

Enjoy the scenic Isumi Rail trains in central Chiba, as it is about a 2-hour drive away from many U.S. military bases in Kanto through Aqualine Expressway.

Get a closer look at the Isumi Rail line here.

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