VIDEO: Speakin' Japanese: It has a sacred feel!

VIDEO: Speakin' Japanese: It has a sacred feel!

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

A short 40-minute drive from Yokota Air Base, Koma Shrine is a famous power spot, which enshrines an ancient Korean leader who came over to Japan about 1,300 years ago.

The shrine is filled with a mysterious and sacred atmosphere, and the cool air of the shrine field makes visitors refreshed!
Today's Japanese phrase:
“Sogonna tatazumai desu!” 荘厳な佇まいです! = It has a sacred feel!
 ("sogonna" 荘厳な = sacred/majestic, "tatazumai" 佇まい = atmoshere/feel, ".. desu." ・・です = It is .. ) 

There are thousands of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples located in Japan. So, visit one or some to feel such a wonderful, sacred feel yourself!

Check out the shrine
Koma Jinja (Shinto shrine) 
Location: 833 Niibori, Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture 
Tel: 042-989-1403 

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