VIDEO: Speakin' Japanese lesson: Welcome to my town!

VIDEO: Speakin' Japanese lesson: Welcome to my town!

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

Yamaguchi is a beautiful castle city often called "Kyoto of the West" and is home to numerous historical spots. This city is only a two-hour drive from MCAS Iwakuni. Some of the popular places to visit include, Rurikoji, a majestic Zen temple with a beautiful five-story pagoda, St. Francis Xavier Church, a Catholic church dedicated to the memory of a Spanish saint, and an 800-year-old onsen. Let's visit the beautiful city, and the residents sure will welcome you with a Japanese expression:

Today's Japanese phrase:

“Yokoso Yamaguchi e!” ようこそ山口へ! = Welcome to Yamaguchi City!
("Yokoso .. e" ようこそ・・へ = Welcome to ..)

You can also use this expression when you welcome your Japanese friends by replacing the name of Yamaguchi with that of your hometown or where you are now, like:

- Yokoso Texas e. (Welcome to Texas.)
- Yokoso Yokota e. (Welcome to Yokota.)
- Yokoso Misawa e. (Welcome to Misawa.)

So, remember this expression and use it when you welcome your Japanese friends.

Check out Yamaguchi City at: VIDEO: Learn why Yamaguchi’s elegant landscape makes it ‘Kyoto of the West’

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