VIDEO: Speakin' Japanese: They are very important historical assets! 

VIDEO: Speakin' Japanese: They are very important historical assets! 

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

The Battleship Mikasa, one of the world’s most notable memorial ships, is permanently preserved just outside of Yokosuka Naval Base. Its history attracts many visitors including naval history enthusiasts. The Mikasa earned great fame during the Russo-Japanese War between 1904 to 1905 as the flagship for Japan’s Combined Fleet. Under the command of Adm. Heihachiro Togo, the Mikasa destroyed 34 of Russia’s 38 warships in the Battle of Tsushima.

Today you can go onboard the Mikasa to take a close look at the outside and inside of the historical ship. The ship and the statue of Adm. Todo are very important historical assets to us.

Today's Japanese phrase:

“Totemo daijina rekishiisan desu!” とても大事な歴史遺産です! = They are very important historical assets! 

“totemo" とても = very, "daijina" 大事な = important/valuable, "rekishiisan" 歴史遺産 = historical asset, ".. desu" です = It is (they are)..

There are many interesting cultural or historical assets near you in Japan. Enjoy Japan’s tradition and heritage!

Check out virtual tour on memorial ship Mikasa at VIDEO: A virtual tour aboard the Memorial Ship Mikasa in Yokosuka

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