VIDEO: A virtual journey to Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya Castle 
Nagoya Castle 

VIDEO: A virtual journey to Nagoya, Japan

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

Welcome to virtual vacation video series where we can explore destinations from the comfort of our homes. Today, I will take you on a short visual journey to Nagoya.

The great thing about this destination is that it is easily accessible from Tokyo and the Shinkansen bullet train and highway bus are two great options. The Shinkansen runs at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour and will get you to Nagoya in just around 100 minutes.

Situated along the Pacific coast on central Honshu, Nagoya is the fourth largest city of Japan with over 2.3 million people and home to plenty of culture and history, such as a majestic castle, modern skyscrapers, a prestigious Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple, and a shopping arcade, making Nagoya a great place for a quick getaway.

Here are a few of the best attractions this beautiful castle city has to offer:

[1.] Center of Nagoya City

Nagoya Station is one of the world’s largest train station complexes with its towering JR Central towers. In the complex, a 6-meter-tall mannequin called “Nana-chan Ningyo,” is a symbol of the central station and is often used as a landmark to meet up with friends. You can go up the iconic Nagoya TV Tower to the “sky balcony” observation deck to enjoy a spectacular view of the whole city.

Nagoya Station

Nagoya Tower

Nanachan NIngyo doll 

Nanachan NIngyo doll 

[2.] Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle is one of Japan’s largest castles, famous for its gigantic five-story tower complete with a pair of golden shachihoko roof ornaments. The original castle was built in 1615 but was destroyed in the air raids of 1945, then reconstructed in 1959.

Nagoya Castle 

[3.] Atsuta Jingu and Osu Kannon Temple

Atsuta Jingu dates back over 1,900 years and over 7 million people visit the prestigious shrine annually. The shrine’s treasure hall has a large collection of over 6,000 samurai swords on rotational display. Osu Kannon is a popular Buddhist Temple where people come to worship the wooden statue of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy. Nearby, Osu Shopping Arcade is home to over 400 shops and restaurants where you can buy just about anything, ranging from local food, clothes and electronics, to cosplay, anime, J-pop and idol goods.

Atsuta Jingu Shrine 

Osu Kannon Temple 

Osu Shopping Arcade

Osu Shopping Arcade

While there, be sure to sample misonikomiudon, stewed udon noodles in miso broth and vegetables, and tebasaki chicken wings, as the Nagoya’s piquant red miso is famous for its intense, sweet and savory flavors.

MIsonikomi Udon

I hope you enjoyed a look at enchanting city of Nagoya through my travel photos and that it's inspired your next trip. Stay safe and get ready to travel with us in our next video. Thanks for watching!

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