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Photo Of Chocolate pancake

Sweet and fluffy pancakes at Harbor in Chatan, Okinawa

During a recent trip to Okinawa, I accidently discovered an awesome pancake shop in Chatan called Harbor while on a search for some sweet souvenirs from Timeless Chocolate.

Photo Of Seaside Drive-in’s soup

MY FAVES: Good eats for a great picnic on Okinawa's beautiful beaches

Although the temperature stays relatively warm throughout the year, winter in Okinawa can be a little too chilly for beachgoers.

Photo Of Outside Morning Bowl

Taste of Okinawa: Morning Bowls dishes up healthy meals

Almost every day I spend in Okinawa, I venture off to my favorite little acai bowl shop called Morning Bowls in Chatan.

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Taste of Okinawa: Every day sandwich day at Five Star Deli in Chatan

Five Star Deli near the Sunabe Seawall in Chatan City has garnered a lot of popularity on Okinawa.

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Japan Kitchen: Western-style dishes with Japanese twist

Foods like omurice, ton katsu and naporitan spaghetti are items you’ve likely seen on a menu if you’ve ever visited a casual dining restaurant in Japan.

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Food in Japanese film and fiction

Anyone who has ever turned on a television in Japan knows that food dominates the conversation here like nowhere else in the world.

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Taste of Japan: Tidbits about umeboshi

“Umeboshi” is a very sour pickle made by fermenting plums. You will see umeboshi in Japanese lunch or bento boxes sold in the super market. This is in part to prevent food spoilage, because it is believed umeboshi help prevent bacteria growth.

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Thailand Kitchen: Easy recipe for chicken coconut soup

This classic Thai chicken soup gets its rich flavor from quintessential Thai ingredients: coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, lime juice, chili, and cilantro. (30 minutes)

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Since 1958, Pizza House serving up great food on Okinawa

Pizza House is a household name in Okinawa. Since its opening in 1958, the restaurant has been loved by many locals and Americans alike.

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Family meal time! Simple, healthy recipe for Cowboy Caviar

This recipe is one of the Defense Commissary Agency's new Thinking Outside the Box (TOTB) quick, healthy, economical family meals.

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VIDEO: Okinawa Kitchen: Sanguwachi Guwashi a great beach treat

Much like Angadi how is dubbed the “Okinawan doughnut,” “Sanguwachi Guwashi (sweets of March)” should be called the “Okinawan financier” in my opinion.

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Japanese green tea furikake: Tea to top your rice with

The season for the year’s first batches of green tea is upon us, and there are many ways to enjoy it.

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Taste of Japan: Everything to know about Japanese melons

In recent years the deliciousness of Japanese fruit has been attracting attention overseas. Among the sought-after fruits, melons have gained popularity as a high-class fruit.

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Japanese Kitchen: Quick lesson on Okinawa soba noodles

In Japan, everybody loves noodles, and Okinawans are no different. In fact, they’ve got their own regional strand of the classic Asian cuisine – Okinawa soba. It’s not only a local favorite, but the dish of choice for many visitors who come in search of a true taste of Okinawa.

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