The pair of unshaven, weary grunts slogged their way from Italy to Germany in the pages of Stars and Stripes during World War II — along with their creator, Army Sgt. Bill Mauldin.

The mud-spattered, butt-smoking infantrymen illustrated the bleak and absurdly comic lives of them all. Mauldin’s unsentimental work — teetering on the line between funny and tragic, unafraid to mock authority — spoke to and for front-line soldiers.

They loved him for it. It’s difficult to overstate how much.

So, for a limited time only, Stars and Stripes is pulling them out of its archives and offering special T-shirts that will turn some heads and make some folks smile, just like Mauldin’s comic strip UP FRONT did during WWII.

For more info, contact us at or call 755-2255.

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