Japan’s convenience stores are amazing in many ways and as you travel, you’ll find yourself stopping by on more than one occasion. One of the most enjoyable things to do in a “konbini,” as the shops are affectionately called, is to browse for unique and limited sweets and snacks! If you don’t know where to start, we’ve chosen our 10 favorite treats from Japan’s 7-Eleven that you absolutely have to try!

1. Ebi-Mirin-Yaki, Shrimp Rice Crackers

Rice crackers are a staple snack in Japan, perfect for nibbling on while watching TV or having a beer with a friend. 7-Eleven’s rice crackers are known for their large size, flavorful seaweed, and wonderful crispiness. We especially recommend the ebi-mirin-yaki, or rice crackers with shrimp and rice wine flavor. The crackers are thin but they’re surprisingly hard and crunchy, so they won’t crumble in your bag either!

Price: 108 yen

2. Ika-ten Mentai Mayonnaise, Squid Rice Crackers

If you’re a fan of barbecued squid, this crunchy cracker treat is perfect for you! It boasts a gentle seasoning of mayonnaise and mentai (Alaska pollock) that harmonizes great with the squid flavor and as soon as you open the bag, the aroma will make your mouth water. It’s best enjoyed with a cold glass of beer!

Price: 108 yen

3. Smoked Salami and Cheese Snack

These crunchy bites are a great choice if you’re craving something for a more Western palate. They were inspired by Italy’s delicious cheese ravioli and the flavor of smoked salami is rich and mouthwatering. For what looks like a simple snack, this combination is surprisingly luxurious!

Price: 108 yen

4. Hojicha Crunchy Chocolate

Hojicha is a roasted Japanese green tea and like green tea in general, it goes excellently well with chocolate. This crunchy chocolate snack will conquer your heart with the tasty combination of sweet chocolate and the gentle bitterness of tea, enhanced by the little crunchy bits!

Price: 128 yen

5. Ume-Nori-Maki, Seaweed Rice Crackers

Nori, dried seaweed, is a traditional and healthy snack that is enjoyed in Japan since ancient times. The “ume-nori-maki” snack makes the most out of this seaweed and rice crackers by combining them into bite-sized rolls. These little crisps are then enhanced by ume, or Japanese plum, boasting a unique taste that is hard to describe. It’s best to just try this traditional snack for yourself!

Price: 127 yen

6. Rich Chocolate Cake

For chocolate and sweets enthusiasts, 7-Eleven’s rich chocolate cake is an absolute must-try. Look forward to four flavorful, sweet slices separated into two little packages, perfect for sharing with a friend. It even comes with a little fork to prevent unpleasantly sticky fingers. This cake will have you craving for more in no time!

Price: 288 yen

7. White Chocolate Chip Matcha Cookie

Matcha is an amazing ingredient for baking and there is a plethora of different matcha-flavored sweets and snacks. 7-Eleven’s white chocolate chip matcha cookie is one of them, fusing tasty American-style cookie dough with Uji matcha powder. This makes for an incredibly delicious treat that’ll delight every sweet tooth!

Price: 127 yen

8. Crunchy Chocolate Sticks

Crunchy sticks are a favorite children’s treat all over Japan, although they’re usually enjoyed as chips and with a savory flavor. 7-Eleven has created a version of this popular snack for sweets lovers and while it looks simple, the combination of crunchy core and mellow chocolate coating is simply amazing.

Price: 108 yen

9. Juicy Matcha Baumkuchen (Spit Cake)

Baumkuchen, the German word for spit cake, is massively popular among the Japanese population. As such, it comes as no surprise that 7-Eleven boasts a delicious matcha version of the baked classic. The juicy, flavorful cake is generally on the more expensive side, but a pack of 7-Eleven’s version nets you eight individual pieces for very little money.

Price: 321 yen

10. Rich Cream Raisin Sandwich

For a luxurious, rich treat, opt for the rich cream raisin sandwich. This kind of creamy treat is closely associated with Hokkaido, but you don’t have to go to a specialty store to get your hands on it – just head to the nearest 7-Eleven. Mellow cream with flavorful raisins is sandwiched between two crunchy cookies and individual packaging guarantees that this treat keeps its crunch and tastiness for weeks!

Price: 354 yen

Sightseeing and exploring is fun but requires quite a bit of energy – energy that is best recharged with a tasty snack on the go! On top of that, Japanese treats also make for excellent souvenirs to gift your snack-happy friends and family at home. Don’t miss out on trying Japan’s many unique flavors!

※All of the above prices are including tax. ※Availability may vary by store. ※The information on items and prices are based on 7-Eleven Japan.

Via Live Japan

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