Jimmy's Bakery Company is an Okinawan company with roots established in 1956 when the founder invested his experience and observations from working on American bases into what is now 22 locations across the island. The company has three production facilities and 19 stores, three of which are also restaurants. Nearly every Jimmy's location is a bakery, a delicatessen, and an import grocery store. Jimmy's is probably best known by locals and tourists for its freshly made pies, American inspired gifts, and wonderful cream puffs and other pastries. The chain is also a pioneer in retailing and merchandising on Okinawa being the first or among the first businesses to adopt point of sale inventory and sales, local production facilities, and supply chain optimization. If you are paying a visit to anyone on Okinawa or have been invited to a social function, you will always please your hosts by bringing one of Jimmy's pies along, I recommend the banana cream pie or a German chocolate cake - and why not pick up a 12-pack of imported American A&W root beer as well? I recently visited the Uruma City location on Route 16 just east of Route 224. Most Jimmy's locations are open daily 10:00 ~ 21:00. Other notable bakeries in this area well worth considering include the Mini Mini Zoo and Egg Shop, Pont Cookie, and Bakery House Kuruton, all to the west along or just off of Route 16.

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