It is not easy to find a bakery on island that sells breads made from unprocessed ingredients. However, Okinawa residents and tourists alike can find such wholesome delicacies at Suien.

Suien is a bread bakery located in Zakimi, Yomitan. It is hidden at the end of a long, narrow street and fashioned inside a traditional Japanese-style house. It is a great stop for anyone visiting the Zakimi Castle Ruins, Yomitan pottery village, or shopping in the Yomitan area for glassware.

The bakery sits in a residential area, offering a homey ambiance in a comfortable locale in which to taste a tantalizing variety of bread combinations.Patrons have various types of breads to choose from. Among the many choices are rye, wheat, anchovy pizza, fig, dragon fruit, and banana and chocolate. The prices for each roll or loaf range from 300 yen ($3.90) to 500 yen.

“The bread at Suien was so delicious and unlike anything I have seen outside of Venezuela,” a Venezuelan tourist said on a recent visit to Suien.

Suien’s bread does not contain bleached white flour and most of the ingredients are local. The breads are quite dense and harder than their mass-produced counterparts. However, do not let this fact mislead you. Suien’s breads are much more flavorful and hearty than typical white breads.

Two different flavors of honey that come from a farm in Nago City are also sold at Suien. The orange flower honey costs 1,000 yen per jar.

Customers can purchase bread or honey on the go or sit down and enjoy their purchase onsite. Lunch and dinner sets are sold as well. There are a few sets to choose from, including some that come with soup and a cold or hot drink.

Suien is open daily from 10:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. except Wednesdays and Thursdays. Parking is about a block away from the road entrance to the restaurant; there is no parking in front of the bakery.

For details, call Suien at 098-958-3239. There is usually at least one staff member on hand that speaks English.

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