Tenku Terrace OoLoo: Recharge at a celestial eatery

After my adventure, I took a 10-minute drive to Tenku Terrace OoLoo for a relaxing lunch. In Okinawan dialect “OoLoo” means blue, and this café high above the southeastern coast has a great ocean view embodying that meaning.

Discovering Kmer cuisine

Tasting a cuisine at the source is an exhilarating experience that stimulates all senses. It doesn’t get any better than eating food made by experts on home soil.

Smoke & Camp: Tapas place of your dreams

If you love tapas style dining and you are in Okinawa, then look no further. I have easily found my preferred tapas style restaurant on the island. So what is tapas? Traditionally, it comes from Spanish culture and a “tapa” is a starter.

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