Okinawa is known for its crystal clear water and beautiful coral reef for diving. However, for surfers, there are some serious waves breaking over the reef.

Surfing on Okinawa is all about the tide because of its shallow reef. At most surf spots on Okinawa, you can surf only from two hours before high tide until two hours after high tide, unless you are good enough not to wipe out on a sharp reef.

Here are some major surf spots:

  • Sunabe Reef Break:  The most popular surfing spot for American surfers is located by American Village.  There are several breaks you can surf in the area such as Bowls, California, Hawaiians and Hotels. Drive along Route 58 until you see a Sega game place, take that turn and drive straight till you get the end, park and check it out.

  • Suicide Cliff: The most consistent surf spot on Okinawa is located on the South tip of the island.  Fun waves, but it can get pretty shallow, so be careful. You may see some sea turtles if you are lucky. Go south on the express way to Itoman. Take the service road all the way to the end. You can get lost on the way, so it is best to ask for local surfers for directions.

  • Ikei island: You can drive to this island. And once you get to the beach, it takes a long time to paddle to the point. But, it’s worth it.  Make sure to check the tide since it is very shallow.  Gorgeous scenery. It is a well-known spot to anyone on Okinawa who surfs, so stop by a surf shop and ask directions.

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