Editor's note: There are some great events coming up, so get off base and check them out! (This was updated May 25)

*Schedules are subject to change and change daily. Please check each organization and/or event’s official websites for current information.

The Night of Jyaana-tei, Bamboo Illumination: Until Jul. 7; at Murasaki Mura in Yomitan, admission: 1,200 yen for adults, 700 yen for junior high school and high school students, 600 yen for elementary school students, free for children under elementary school age; 098-958-1111, website

Bull Fighting in Uruma City: Jun. 8, Jul. 6, Aug. 3, Sept. 14; at Uruma City Multi-purpose Dome; admission: 1,800 yen, free for children under elementary school age; 098-973-2002; website

Eisa Night: Jun. 15 – Jul. 7; Enjoy watching Eisa at several locations on Okinawa; Jun. 15 at Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park, Jun. 23 at Southeast Botanical Garden, Jun. 30 and Jul. 7 at Koza Athletic Field; 098-937-3986; website

16th Chatan Nirai Hari: Jun. 16; Dragon boat race in Chatan; at Hamagawa Port in Chatan; 098-936-1847; website

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