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Cool off at Water Park Pool Adventure on Okinawa till Sept. 1

With the hot summer in full swing in Okinawa, it’s time to have some fun in the water!

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Haunted House open at AEON Mall Rycom Okinawa till Sept. 1

This summer has been brutally hot, but how about some chills to stay cool?

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Quick trip to marvelous mangroves on Okinawa

On a Monday morning in late September, I hit the road and headed north. With the end of Japan’s State of Emergency being in sight, it was finally starting to feel okay to enjoy some outdoor activities.

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VIDEO: Exploring Okinawa: Quick trip to 'Carrot Island' off White Beach coast

Take a trip to Okinawa’s “Carrot Island.” Known for its sweet carrots, Tsuken Island, just off the east coast of Okinawa’s main island, is a wonderous place with interesting landscapes and beautiful views.

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Exploring Okinawa: Tamagusuku Castle Ruin offers fantastic views

Just a five-minute drive away from Itokazu Castle Ruins is another historic site that is well worth a visit. Legend has it that this castle was built by Amamikyo, a god who created Okinawa.

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Join glass boat tour in Miibaru Beach, Okinawa

On Nanjo City’s southern coast, Miibaru Beach was a regular swimming spot for me as a kid.

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Ukinju Hainju, pair of beautiful springs in Nanjo, Okinawa

Just about a five-minute drive away from Miibaru Beach is this pair of springs. This is another location related to Amamikiyo believed to be the creator of Okinawa.

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Kumamoto ditches Japan’s Suica and Pasmo cards for convenient cashless payment system

Starting in 2025, some of Kumamoto Prefecture’s buses and trains will no longer be accepting Suica or Pasmo cards for public transportation fares.

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2024 Best of the Pacific winners in Okinawa

2024 Best of the Pacific winners in Okinawa

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International Destinations: Phu Quoc, Vietnam named world’s second best island

In addition to naming the most incredible cities and hotels across the globe, the World’s Best Awards 2024 has a category for honoring islands worldwide.