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(Luis Samayoa)

I love pugs. They are my favorite loaves of snoring, drooling, and heavy shedding fur animals. So, when I vacationed in Okinawa recently, I visited a café that’s all about pugs.

Although it’s called Pug Café and Salon, the shop isn’t known for its food and drinks, as it only offers a few canned drinks, crackers and some dog snacks to feed the hoard.

The scent of the café is unique because pugs have a certain smell, so be cautious when entering. Pug Café isn’t luxurious, but all the animals inside are what make it special.

The decorations inside are Pug-tastic. The inside is a bit spacious with a few sofas and chairs. There are toys and costumes available to play with. Every animal’s name is unique such as Pork and Boneless. The time I spent inside the café with the multiple mixed personalities was enjoyable.

I was covered in fur and my hands drenched in saliva because they’re sloppy eaters. I loved every second of it. I enjoyed hearing the continuous snoring and breathing as a change of ambiance from Kadena Air Base’s jets flying around.

Most pugs in the shop are rescued animals and are undergoing rehabilitation for adoption. Although the shop does not allow adoptions to SOFA members due to PCS and travel hardship, the service is great for the local community.

Some pugs like to be left alone and many are very clingy. Walking around can be a bit difficult, so I would recommend leaving the snack cup on the table. It can be like a kawaii zombie apocalypse with each pug giving you their food stare.

Overall, I would love to come again next time I’m in Okinawa.

Things to know

Hours: 1:00 p.m. – 6 p.m and closed on Wednesday and Friday. Hours can change due to weather and pet emergencies.

Address: 1-17-8 Miyazato, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa Japan, 9042165

Parking: Only available at a coin meter a short walk down the street with a 200 Yen reimbursement.

Website (English tab available)

Phone: 070-5270-0048

The author with pug.

(Luis Samayoa)

Pug with a jersey

(Luis Samayoa)

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