(Shoji Kudaka)

Miyako Isand is quick flight from Okinawa. Miyako Island has plenty of culture, shopping, activities and food, which make it a great place for a getaway.

Some of the must-see spots on Miyako Island include:

Sunayama Beach — Only a 15-minute drive away from Miyakojima Airport, this sandy beach is as its name in Japanese suggests: a beach beyond a small “sand mountain.” Once you reach the bottom of the “mountain,” you will be greeted by a cove in the shape of a gateway welcoming you to this beautiful location. As of Oct. 2023, this cove is cordoned off and designated as an off-limits area. Higashihennazaki — This is a cape stretching about 1.2 miles providing a dynamic view you will not find anywhere else in Okinawa. As you travel through this stretch, you’ll notice large rocks and boulders along the coastline thought to be remnants of an earthquake from 250 years ago.

Irabu-Ohashi Bridge — The bridge, at 2.2-miles long, is the lengthiest toll-free bridge in Japan and it connects Miyako and Irabu islands. This bridge also provides stunning ocean views.

Tooriike on Shimoji Island — This area along the islands rocky coast is a popular diving spot and consists of two interconnected ponds.

While touring Miyako, make sure you try some local mango. Especially during the summer, the juicy taste of the island’s signature fruit dazzles many tourists and locals.

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