(Yajima, Nap Island)

Some of the 113 uninhabited islands of Okinawa offer a fun adventure for those who choose to explore them.

Yojima, a.k.a. Nap Island, is a small island located off the coast of Onna Village - a 20-minute boat ride from Hotel Moon Beach, which offers tours of the island.

The island offers beaches on the east and west coast of the island, with the the west presenting a good spot for snorkeling. With waters getting deep not far from the shore, snorkelers soon find themselves surrounded by various tropical fish and other creatures such as starfish, sea snakes, and aplysia.

“There are many snorkeling spots in Okinawa, but you see more fish close up here than you would in other places,” said a tour guide.

The beach on the east has a long stretch of shallow water. When the tide is low, it presents a wide flat sandy shore, which may remind people of a salt flat in Uyuni or Bonneville. People can relax by strolling along the coast or playing in the shallow water.

The two beaches are connected by an unpaved road through a forest. Along the way, red hibiscus flowers, paper kite butterflies, and tropical fruit trees can be seen. There are a couple of vantage points where people can enjoy a good view of the ocean and mainland Okinawa, as well.

For more info about the tours to the island, contact Moon Beach at 098-965-1020, or visit here.

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