Nakamoto Tempuraten is one of the most popular tempura shops on Okinawa.

Since the shop is running its own fish shop and cultivating seaweed, fresh fish and seaweed are always available for tempura.

“We use only local fresh fish for our tempura,” says owner Tokie Nakamoto. “So, our ingredients for tempura change every day in accordance with the daily catch. It may be tuna some days, and swordfish or marlin on another day.”

All tempura menu items with fish, squid, vegetables and seaweed are for 85 yen ($0.74). “Mozuku” and “aosa” (types of seaweed) tempura are the most popular at this shop.

You can eat their tempura without any dipping sauce because the batter is seasoned, according to Nakamoto.

The shop is located on Oujima Island which you can access by bridge. They also offer tempura to go.

“Since our shop is facing a beautiful beach, groups of people often come and buy tempura here and enjoy it on the beach,” Nakamoto said.

Location: 9 Okutake, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City Open: 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Website For more information, call 098-948-3583

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