Photos by Shoji Kudaka

Photos by Shoji Kudaka ()

Kakinohana Hiija is a spring in Nanjo City known for its beautiful scenery and crystal clear water.

The spring was even recognized back in 1985 as one of the 100 meisui (best water) in Japan. Even almost 40 years later, the spring still does not disappoint.

This spring overlooks the southeast coast of the city and can be accessed via either a local residential area above the spring or a hilly road that branches off Route 331 at the bottom of the slope.

On a short walk from the access point, visitors can enjoy some nature and soak up the sun. Eventually when you reach Kakinohana Hiija let the sound of the trickling water lull you and rejuvenate you before continuing on your adventure in Nanjo City.

Kakinohana Hiija N 26.147653, E 127.796920 (The south end of the slope that leads up to the spring)

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