There are many historic buildings to visit on Okinawa and in mainland Japan. Some of them have descriptions displayed but if not, let’s ask someone using the phrase below.

“Korewa nanno tatemono desuka” which means “What is this building?”

Repeat after me.

“Korewa nanno tatemono desuka?” (“Korewa” - this, “Nanno” – what, “Tatemono”- building, “Desuka?” - is…?)

Likewise, you can say “Kono tatemono wa itsu taterare mashitaka?” which means “When was this building built?” (“Kono” – this, “Tatemono”- building, “Itsu” – when, “Tateru/Taterareru” – build/being built)

Ok, stay safe and see you in the next episode of Speakin’ Japanese.

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