Are you ready to transform your travel experience into an adventure? Say hello to the XR Bus WOWRIDE Fukui Edition, an innovative bus tour that turns travel into entertainment. Using cutting-edge VR technology the interior of WOWRIDE buses is completely covered in video displays.

The visuals of the Fukui Edition of the bus will feature landscapes, characters and cultural elements unique to the prefecture. Set to debut on June 1st, 2024, make sure to include XR Bus WOWRIDE in your summertime holiday plans.


Enjoy the Wonders of Fukui

With several routes around Fukui Prefecture, the entertainment on the bus varies depending on your destination. Traveling from JR Fukui Station to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, you’ll witness dinosaurs appearing as if they are roaming right outside the windows. The on-board system, powered by AI, allows you to interact with characters and engage in trivia about dinosaurs, making the ride both fun and educational.


The journey to Ichijodani Asakura Family Ruins Museum will immerse you in the history of the area through narrated stories. For a relaxing getaway, head to Awara Onsen and enjoy a historic radio drama voiced by the actor Awara Yunomachi. The stories are both educational and entertaining, giving you a taste of the local culture and history. This is complemented by engaging visuals that transport you through land and sea.

Under the direction of Yukihiko Tsutsumi, each tour is carefully crafted featuring stars like Tsubasa Imai along with a diverse cast including Yoichi Nukumizu, Yoshihisa Hosoya plus local favorites from Fukui’s own television stations.


Ticket Information:

Though the official start date is June 1, 2024, tickets are already available for purchase. Visit Odekake Net for more information. Also, special offers are available if you purchase tickets in combination with the Dinosaur Museum from the Fukui Tourist Information Office.

Interested in traveling to Fukui Prefecture? Check out our guide to the historical Fukui town of Mikuni Minato.

Watch video here.

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